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In this website, we want to show bicycles, a branch of YTO is making wide range of bikes, by looking the pictures shown on the pages, many types and models bicycles will be exhibited on the different pages. Even though making bikes is YTO's new business, it can make high quality bikes by the technology of manufacturing construction and engineering machines and equipments which has more complicated structure. YTO has learned how to make high quality bicycle from the professional bike makers, and equipped the advanced manufacturing facilities, use high quality materials and assembly parts. Following the modern management for making sure of having high quality competitive price bicycles allows YTO to have popular bicycles to offer international markets.

The bicycle manufacturer is located ancient city Luoyang, which was capitals for many dynasties, has had almost 3000 years history, there are many temples in the city, lots of resorts including Kongfu master temple, Shaolin temple. Welcome people around the world to visit China bicycle manufacturer, YTO bike factory, and the China ancient city Luoyang.

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YTO is China construction machines and heavy equipment manufacturer, and state-owned enterprise, YTO has started manufacturing agricultural since 1955. up to 2011, YTO has evolved into a leading agricultural and construction machinery manufacturer in China, serving clients around the world. With decades spent expanding our product lines, we are now able to provide a wide range of farm equipment, construction machinery, power machinery, and vehicles, to accommodate any need you may have. Some of our most popular products include: crawler tractor, wheeled tractor, farm harvester, road roller, industrial bulldozer, and pickup truck. As YTO products have the advantages of reliable performance, great durability, and operator comfort, they are widely used in the agriculture, construction, and transportation industries. To complement our collection of products, we also provide related spare parts for customer convenience.